Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1983 Topps Traded XRC, #108T

From the back of the card: "His 3-run, 458-ft. Homer produced Game-Winning RBI in 6-4 win vs. Padres, 5-17-83. Cracked triple and Single with 3 RBI's and 2 Runs in win vs Expos, 6-12-83. 1983 HIGHLIGHTS: May 8: GOT FIRST MAJOR LEAGUE HIT AND RBI IN 10-5 WIN VS. REDS. MAY 16: HIS FIRST BIG LEAGUE HOMER WAS 2-RUN WALLOP IN METS' 11-4 DECISION VS. PIRATES AT PITTSBURGH."

Might as well start from the beginning with Darryl's first rookie card (more on that in a second). For the most part I'll post cards in chronological order, though in looking through one of my binders last night I realized that I made some errors in the ordering of the cards, so sometimes you'll just have to deal with an "out of order" post. I doubt that you'll mind. Anyway...

I don't totally understand the "XRC" designation on the card, and if I remember correctly from the Beckett Baseball Card Monthly magazine I used to read, it means Extended Rookie Card. These days, no chance something like that would fly; Strawberry's rookie card would've come out when he was in high school, and there would be only one. I think it has something to do with the fact that it wasn't widely available (meaning in packs). I could be way off base, so feel free to comment with the correct info.

A quick aside about Beckett. Note that I said I used to read it. I don't any more for a couple reasons: 1) card collecting has become to expensive a hobby to actively pursue. 2) The hobby is so dominated by rookies, and inserts, and thick shiny cards that I no longer recognize players I pull in packs. And that's sad, considering I follow baseball as closely as anybody, including the minors. 3) The "book value" of a card is meaningless. I don't even know where a card shop is in San Diego, so the value of anything has become the final selling price on ebay. Nothing more, nothing less.

Back to the card. I like the mention of a Mets-Padres game, since those are my first memories of Darryl Strawberry. I was only six months old at the time of the highlighted game, so I wasn't there, but it's still a nice tie in.

His homer on May 16th is referred to as a "wallop"... haven't heard that word in a while.

One final piece of info worth noting: In his 1982 season in Jackson, his final in the minors, he hit 34 homers and stole 45 bases. If I didn't know better and had to guess the ending to Strawberry's career based solely on this card, I'd guess no-doubt first ballot hall of famer.

I own two of these cards.


Shiloh said...

Easily one of Strawberry's most beautiful cards made - something about the vibrant jersey colors of the early 80's.

Jeffrey FX said...

I remember there was a small boxed set that came out later in the season with players who were new to the majors and/or traded to new teams. I don't think you could get these cards in regular packs, thus making them more rare to find as individual cards. I seem to remember that this was one of the most expensive Darryl Strawberry cards (back when his cards carried a value).