Friday, October 24, 2008

1984 Donruss #68

From the back of the card: "The NL Rookie of the Year in '83...Joined the Mets in June and went on to finish second on club in HR and RBI...Was the No.1 amateur pick in the nation in June '80 and turned down numerous college scholarship offers to sign with Mets...Most Valuable Player in the Texas League in '82 when he hit .283 with 34 HR and 97 RBI at Jackson...Also set a club record wiith [sic] 45 steals...Got a single in his 1st pro at-bat for Kingsport in '80."

This was the first Darryl Strawberry RC I owned, and also my favorite card in the collection. More for sentimental reasons; my sister got it for me as a birthday gift many years ago. The screw down holder is more than a little excessive, but hey, it's my favorite. And back when I first got it (both the card and the holder) it was worth $10!! That's a lot of money to a little kid, and it made me appreciate even more that my sister purchased it for me.

There are, of course, other things l enjoy about the card, like the typo "wiith" that I never actually noticed until last night. I suppose there's a chance I once knew about it, as it seems like something Beckett would point out and designate with an "ERR", but if so, I'd completely forgotten.

And why are the stats listed in no particular order? It goes from the National League Rookie of the Year in 1983, followed by the #1 pick mention in 1980, then to the '82 Texas League MVP, and finally ends with a blurb about his 1980 year in Kinston. Very odd organization, don't you think?

The picture on the front really bothers me. I also "collect" hats, and am very anal about how they fit and look, especially with the brim on the front. I still wrap a rubber band around a baseball in the brim and let new hats sit for days, seeking that perfect curve. It's been difficult lately with these new style New Era caps, but I won't get into that. Strawberry's hat is a mess in this shot! It looks like he was grabbed real quickly by the photographer, looked frantically for his hat, and realized he'd been sitting on it. Why couldn't he have borrowed a better looking cap from Dwight Gooden? Surely he was nearby. Didn't he know this card would be immortalized in screw down holders everywhere for the rest of time? If there was one thing Darryl could change about his past, I bet it's this card.

I own just one of this card.

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Jeffrey FX said...

I never noticed the "wiith" typo. I have two of these cards and also a "press sheet" that is one sided and includes 8 other cards: Robin Yount (Diamond Kings), Eddie Murray, Robin Yount, Buddy Bell, Reggie Jackson, Harold Baines, Leon Durham, and Richie Zisk.