Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ebay rant #1

One of the things I spend a lot of my time doing during the day - other than reading card blogs and working - is searching ebay. Mostly for Darryl Strawberry stuff, sometimes for old wax boxes (old as in early 1990's, the kind I can justify buying but still give that thrill of ripping packs), but mostly for auctions where the item being sold is ridiculous and/or utterly worthless.

I'll post another piece of my collection soon - either tonight or early tomorrow - but I want to write my first of many-to-come Darryl Strawberry ebay rants.

The item: 1987 Topps Darryl Strawberry #460

Starting Price: $1.60 USD, $4.00 shipping

Description: "1987 TOPPS card for Darryl Strawberry from the NY Mets. On the lower part has a slight stain (see pics) from having had a tape [sic] to glue it to a letter. Otherwise pretty good condition."

The problem: The lowest price you'll pay for this one card (key word: one) is $5.60 with shipping! And what's the book value, 10 cents? At most?? For $5.00 I better be getting at least 50 of these. There's an autcion that I'm oh-so-tempted to bid on for 800 Strawberry cards from the '88 Topps set, so how could one justify bidding on just a single card from '87?

Another problem: The condition of the card is terrible (see larger picture here). The "slight stain" looks like the piece of tape is still on the card, but other than that it's still in "pretty good condition"? I don't think so. The top left corner is obviously bent in, and there's a weird stain/peel on the top right corner. The true value of this card can't be more than a nickel. I don't understand why the seller would even consider selling this particular card, let alone asking so much for it.

The problem with ebay is the perception that you can sell anything. This seller must be hoping for somebody to bid by mistake, which I sincerely hope doesn't happen. Arrrrggh!!! These postings frustrate me to no end.

Here's another gem of a 1987 Topps Strawberry auction. The guys makes it seem like he's doing us all a favor by putting this card up for sale. Check it out before the auction ends. Grrr...

Thanks for listening (reading). More of my collection to come soon.

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