Monday, October 27, 2008

Ebay rant #2

Who knew the second installment of my ebay rants would come so soon? I'm sitting at my desk with under an hour to go in my day, thinking, "I wonder what I can blow $10 on right now!" And what better place to look than ebay, right?

Of course, I typed in Darryl Strawberry.

I scanned the listings, most for lots of cards I already own or are ridiculously overpriced. I did see a couple auctions for those old, 1988 Topps two-pocket folders; the ones where the back was the same as the reverse side of the actual 1988 Topps card. I had an Eddie Murray folder when I was younger (and living in northern Virginia when Murray was an Oriole).

I wasn't seeing anything good (or that I could justify purchasing to my wife), and then I stumbled on to the auction you see pictured above: a gem mint, PSA 10 1989 K-Mart Dream Team Darryl Strawberry #28!

I remember these, and have a few different sets in my closet. The sets were small (see the box here) and were ultra-glossy, especially by 1989 standards, and I'm sure were produced by the millions. It appears from the box that they were made by Topps. Unfortunately, I don't recall how I obtained these sets, as I don't remember buying them at a K-Mart, or even going in to one. Feel free to comment if you remember where you could get them (K-Mart is my guess).

In the description, the seller proudly claims that only three of these Gem Mint 10 Strawberry cards have been graded.

I'm sure, because why would anyone - except for these three morons - actually pay to have this card graded? The bare minimum cost I can find for a grading on the PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) website is $5, and there is no way this card can have any more value than that, gem mint or not.

This was an investment that the seller will never recoup.

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Jeffrey FX said...

Love the memory of the two pocket folders -- did Darryl have one of those? I must have on somewhere if he did...
Did you buy that Kmart card? I have it in my Darryl Strawberry collection. It is one of 3 Kmart cards, with the other two being from '87 and '88.