Friday, October 31, 2008

Topps Glossy UPDATE

Looks like I remembered right; the All-Star glossy cards were available in rack packs. Thanks also to Paul, of Paul's Random Stuff, for pointing it out in the comments!

I had hoped to get another piece of my collection up tonight, but family (pet) emergencies prevented me from getting to it. My apologies. Instead, enjoy this picture of a 1986 rack pack, with the Straw Man right on top!

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Jeffrey FX said...

I apologize for my comment on your previous post - I hadn't read this post yet. I am just now discovering your blog and I am a huge Darryl Strawberry fan. So I going through your blog from the beginning (even though it is 2 years ago now) so that I can enjoy each post. I am I enjoying thoroughly as I sit here with my album of Darryl cards. Anyway, it is very cool that you have this sealed rack pack!