Wednesday, November 5, 2008

1987 Topps Glossy All-Star #8 of 22

Look everybody, another miscut Glossy All-Star! It's too bad they didn't put more time or effort into this set, the gloss was a nice touch back in the days before, err... gloss. This is a much better action shot of Strawberry, no doubt taken after a double lined off the center field wall.

Check out the starting line up from the '86 All-Star game. Absolutely loaded with Mets. Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, and Darryl Strawberry batted third through fifth in the order, and Dwight Gooden started on the mound. Darryl had a mediocre day, going one for two at the plate.

I own 22 of these cards, most of them acquired via ebay auction.


Dad said...

Joseph - go to they will have complete lists for any set you are researching...Dad

Jeffrey FX said...

You have 22 of this card? Wow :)