Tuesday, November 18, 2008

1988 Topps Bazooka #21 of 22

From the back of the card: WAS SELECTED AS ROOKIE OF YEAR IN NL FOR 1983.

Hmm, another 22 card set from Topps... interesting.

I have absolutely no idea how these cards were distributed. Certainly not like the Bazooka cards from the late '90s/early 2000's, which was a larger set and sold in packs. If they came inside boxed of Bazooka gum I wouldn't have known, since I probably wasn't allowed to have gum when I was six (or I was at least limited to the sugar free variety). It's not a particularly exciting card, either. Strawberry is just waiting his turn in the cage during Mets batting practice, perhaps checking out a Gary Carter bomb in to the Upper Deck. Or maybe a plane just flew by and it's actually Mookie Wilson laying down bunts... I guess we'll never know.

The back of the card is more colorful than the front, which is strange, especially for being 1988. I like the stats over the lightly colored "Bazooka" logo, especially the Game Winning RBI column. What a strange, old school stat to feature on a card! Straw was CLUTCH in 1986 with 15 of 'em. That is, if you believe there is even such thing as "clutch".

The line about his ROY award is odd. Why just "Rookie of Year", without the "the"? There's plenty of real estate for the extra word. Maybe Topps wanted "Rookie of Year" to stay on the same line, and adding a "the" would split it up? I doubt anyone would've cared.

I own three of these cards.


Anonymous said...

These were distributed in boxes of Bazooka chewing gum. Collecting this set was a chore, since I hated Bazooka gum.

I loved that 1988 set for its simple, clean design and the emphasis on photography. Unfortunately Straw got one of the worst cards in the set.

Joe said...

I figured they came with the gum... Straw definitely got hosed with his card if you say it was a great set because of it's photography!

And you're right, Bazooka gum was the worst. I only pretended to like it for the comics, which in retrospect were hardly funny.

Jeffrey FX said...

Your musings on the context of the photographs on the cards are very enjoyable. In addition to this card, I have the next year's Bazooka card which is much more decorated on the front, while maintaining the same back design. Were there other Bazooka cards for Darryl?