Monday, November 10, 2008

1988 Topps Glossy All-Stars #19 of 22

Yep, another glossy All-Star... only one more after this, I promise.

For now, take a gander at the '88 card, number 19 of 22 in the set. I can't tell if Straw is sitting on a 2-1 count looking for the heat or if it's 3-0 and he's taking the next pitch no matter what. That's what was so great about Strawberry; you were intimidated every single time he stepped up to the plate. At least I bet pitchers were scared. I've never actually faced him.

Darryl went 0-2 in the '88 All-Star game. No big deal, there'd be others.

I own three of these cards.


Anonymous said...

You know, those glossy all-star cards wouldn't have been bad if Topps had just tinkered with the design a little more from year to year.

Joe said...

Agreed. I have one left in my collection, and even the photograph is very similar to a previous card in the 'set'. I'll post it tonight just so I can be done with these!

Jeffrey FX said...

I actually like that they look the same from year to year. Makes for a handsome set.