Monday, November 17, 2008

Ebay rant 3

The item you see above is so rare, so sought after, so valuable, that the auction very probably ended with a "Buy It Now" just seconds after it was posted.

All you see at first glance is a 1991 Score Darryl Strawberry #640, but look at the holder its in. Its that familiar red border of a PSA graded card... and now look at the grade: GEM MINT 10!!!!

Wow. I mean, there couldn't have been more than 20,000,000,000,000,000 sets of '91 Score produced, so this Gem Mint 10 is ultra-rare. If I had to guess, no more than 35,000 (Gem Mint 10s, I mean) are in circulation. And it could be yours for only $14.99? I'd feel like I was robbing the seller.


This card had to have been submitted among a massive quantity of cards to be graded, because what reasonable human being would ever submit a card from '91 Score for grading? At least the seller spared us a long fluffy description of why this card is so great.

Something I've always wondered, though, about the grading process that maybe a reader knows the answer to: Will PSA call you if you submit something stupid that they're only going to assign a grade of 5 or 6? I can understand something from, say, 1957 Topps benefiting from a 5, but not '92 Upper Deck.

OK, I know they won't call before taking your money, but can you easily remove the graded card from the holder it's returned in? If I were selling cards, I'd feel like less of a man for auctioning a PSA 7 of anything within the last 15 years. The average person likely wouldn't see any blemishes if they weren't pointed out on an ungraded card.

Anyway... the auction for this card ends tomorrow, so you'd better hurry!


Grey said...

This made me laugh. Well played.

Jeffrey FX said...

I enjoy the Score brand of cards.