Monday, November 17, 2008

Mail call

Got a nice Halloween package from David at Tribe Cards, a blog dedicated to all things Indians. Would it be a box full of tricks, or would it include a nice assortment of treats?

The answer: Both.

There was an oddly large amount of Delino DeShields cards scattered throughout. Not that there were hundreds of 'em, but any more than five qualifies as a lot, wouldn't you say? Especially since we're talking about Delino DeShields.

But among some of the treats:

Cards of Jay Bell and Greg McMichael are certainly nothing to get excited about, but 1997 Fleer (and the '96 set, too) is one of my favorites of all time. I really, really liked the matte finish, which Fleer pitched as being perfect for autographs. And they are, I guess, even though I've never had a '96 or '97 Fleer card signed. Soon, I hope, thanks to my addiction to this site. These packs also contained quite a bit of inserts, which I was in to at the time. I believe Fleer touted that one insert could be found in every five packs, on average! Madness!

Then there were these beauties:

Yeah, that's right! Jose Cruz, Jr. and Kerry Wood 1997 Bowman Best rookies! If only either of these guys could've lived up to their potential... Nobody EVER would've given these away 10 years ago.

The hilarity continues:

Silly Bret Saberhagen, that's not a baseball its an apple! I sure hope he didn't cut up and eat a baseball with his breakfast that morning. Also worth noting is the fact that this is a "gold hologram" variation, meaning the little Upper Deck hologram on the back of the card is gold, not silver. I'd read about these variations, thinking they might've been some "rare" subset inserted in packs, but research showed that the gold just means that this card came from a factory set. Still kinda cool, but it's sad that someone, somewhere, is one Bret Saberhagen card short of a complete gold foil set.

And of course, the best of the box:

There are more Darryl Strawberry cards than the scan shows, which is fine. You'll eventually see them each individually.

Thanks, Dave from Tribe Cards! Be sure to check out his site for more baseball card goodness. As I continue to sort through my collection I'll make sure to set aside all of the Indians and send them his way.

More from my personal collection coming soon.


--David said...

You're welcome! I think it was my daughter's idea to put a Delino card every 5 or 10 cards or something crazy like that. She is her father's child! :-)

Hope there were some Strawberries you needed for your collection!

Joe said...

Yeah, one Delino every 5 or 10 sounds about right! Well played! And there were definitely some new Strawberry's added to my stash...