Friday, November 21, 2008

Mail Call

A couple weeks ago I entered a contest over at Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius. Upon finding out that I finished second, I was asked which player and/or team I collect, so naturally I responded with Darryl Strawberry and Yankees cards. Here's what I got:

The first card is a signed 2007 Topps Sean Henn rookie. I'm assuming that this was either obtained via mail or in person, as there is no sticker anywhere on the card. This is a good thing, as I much prefer a personally signed item over a sticker applied by a company representative any day of the week! Henn has a pretty crazy signature too. Loopy, big, yet illegible. Very nice.

Next up:

A 2006 Upper Deck game used Jason Giambi jersey. I LOVE game used cards, and have since they were first issued in 1997 Upper Deck. Unfortunately, while fairly common these days, they're still only inserted at rates of just one or two in boxes of more affordable cards, so I've only pulled a few in packs. I have plenty of cheap ones that I've won off ebay, though. Anyway, I love the stripe visible in the patch. I wonder if card companies wash the jerseys first, or if this card would reek of Giambi's sweat if I removed the screw down holder? I won't chance it.

No Strawberry cards, but still cool nonetheless.

Thanks, Matt at Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius! You definitely need to make his site part of your daily routine.

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AdamE said...

If you like Giambi Game Used I have the one posted here. Drop me a comment or e-mail.