Sunday, November 23, 2008

Searching for Straw

My first box of packs finally came! Unfortunately, I broke the mail key and it's stuck in the box specially designed for packages (it's bigger). So I'll post it as soon as I track down a carrier to open it for me. No worries though, my second box came and the mail carrier crammed it into our actual box.

So without further ado, I present to you a pack from 1992 Upper Deck! Let's see if there's a Strawberry hidden in there...

The pack:

The first group:

No Straws, and no worries. There's still more! I some how deleted the scan of the second group of cards, but there were no Straws so I didn't feel like rescanning them. So the final group:

Dang, nothing good. Literally. There wasn't single good card in the pack! I'm not going to subject you to all 36 packs that came in the box, but from time to time I'll post one. 36 packs, 15 cards per pack... there's gotta be at least one Darryl in there somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

Shawon Dunston...not good? Watch your mouth!