Friday, December 19, 2008

1985 Donruss #312

Now that we're through with the '85 Topps debacles, it's nice to see something with a colored border with Strawberry's 1985 Donruss card.

From the back of the card: "Rookie of the Year in NL in '83 . . . Despite what many consider to be an "off" sophomore year last season, led Mets in HR and RBI ranking 4th in NL in HR, 4th in RBI and 8th in slugginh (.467). Most Valuable Player in Texas League in '82 when he hit .283 with 34 HR and 97 RBI for Jackson."

Was Donruss not aware of his basketball playing days at Crenshaw?

Overall I'd say it's a fairly nice card; nice border, nice coloring. and while the yellow backing isn't the most visually appealing color ever, it beats the heck out of the weird "low on ink" color Topps used in '85. You know what I mean - it's the color you get when your ink is running low, but it's the end of the day on Friday and you don't feel like changing the cartridges, so the document comes out a strange faded mix of cyan, magenta, and yellow...

Unfortunately, the black border makes these cards nearly impossible to keep in good condition. You can see how nicked the edges are, and this card has been in a binder for 10+ years. Also, I forgot how thin the card stock was. I pulled it out of it's sleeve to scan, and it literally felt as thick (or as thin, however you want to view it) as an index card, if not thinner. Pretty poor.

Then again, the pack this card came in probably cost a dime. I'll take the savings, thank you very much.

There's only one thing I really, really dislike:

Why, Donruss? Why the shortcut? Can't you just spell out "through"? I HATE when people artificially shorten words, especially when it's unnecessary. There's plenty of extra space for the three extra letters.

Can't please everyone, I suppose. I own just two of these cards.

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