Monday, December 22, 2008

1985 (Donruss) Leaf #159

I guess Donruss (or Leaf, whoever the parent company is/was) was afraid of O-Pee-Chee becoming a baseball card monopoly in French-speaking Canada; this card also features English to French translations on the back!

Quick research (aka wikipedia) actually turned that both Donruss and Leaf were owned by the Finnish company Huhtamaki, in case you were wondering. Back to the card...

I only own one of these cards, so no front/back in the same scan, and I don't feel like scanning it twice, so I'll give you the French translation (see the English version in the post below): Recrue de l'Annee dans la Nationale en 83...Bien que beaucoup ne considererent pas la saison derniere comme une bonne annee pour les joueurs de seconde annee, il fut le meneur des Mets pour les circuits et les points produits se classant 4eme dans la Nationale pour les circuits et les points produits et 8eme pour la moyenne de puissance (.467).

I don't speak French at all, but from reading through the translation I'm pretty sure RBI translates to "points produced." Points?! Words cannot convey how disgusted I am by this.

Other than the translation, this card is exactly the same as the all English version. The only other changes are the number and the green leaf on the front, next to the Donruss logo. I'm definitely not a fan of the leaf; it gives the card a cheap-promotional-giveaway look.

Like I said earlier, I own just one copy of this card.

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