Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1985 Topps #570

Pop quiz: On July 6, 1983 who became the first player to hit a grand slam in an all-star game?

Easy right? The best guess, considering I pulled the question from the back of Strawberry's 1985 Topps card, would be Darryl Strawberry. But it's wrong.

The answer, oddly, is Fred Lynn. Not that it's weird for Fred Lynn to have been selected to play in an All-Star game, or that he hit a grand slam in one, but you'd think Topps would keep it's "Baseball Trivia Quiz" limited to the player on the front of the card. Or maybe not, and it was actually a genius ploy to get people to flip their cards over. Not that collector's weren't already; the inconsistent - but nearly always poor - photo quality on the fronts of the '85 cards leave much to be desired.

We are treated, however, to the nugget that Darryl's brothers Michael & Ronnie were also ballplayers. I don't know the highest levels they reached, since a quick Baseball Reference search returned zero results for either brother. They must've finished their playing days after high school.

As for the front of the card, yeah, the photo stinks. It's blurry, dull, and appears to be taken after a foul ball or strike out. Follow Darryl's eyes and he's not even looking high enough to see the first baseman.

I own nine of these cards.

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Jeffrey FX said...

I have a jumbo size of this card where the picture is much sharper.