Friday, December 12, 2008

Searching for Straw!

It's Friday - thankfully - and I thought, "What better way to end the week than busting a cheap pack of cards from my collecting heyday?" It was either that, or another card from 1985 Topps... you're welcome.

The pack: 1994 Stadium Club Series 2

I bought a box of these on ebay for $5, a deal too good to pass up. I hope Strawberry is in this series; Stadium Club used to print three separate series, with 300 cards in the first two, and whatever players they'd forgotten in the third (I always figured that's how it worked). Inserted randomly in Series 2 are "First Day Issue", "Dugout Dirt" which has cartoon drawings on the back, one-per-pack "rainbow" foil, and Bowman Preview.

On to the first group of super premium baseball cards!

No Strawberry's, but I got a nice action shot of John Kruk's mullet. I probably would've thought Jimmy Key was a good card, too.

Second group:

A Griffey dugout dirt! I've always liked the Mariners logo and colors, so I always liked this card. The second to last card is a rainbow foil Paul Molitor/Dave Winfield, two hall of famers on one card. I'm a baseball equipment junkie, so I liked the close up of Robin Ventura's glove.

A decent pack overall, with two hall of famers and one that will be as soon as he's eligible (Griffey), but no Strawberry.

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