Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Addition - or - A Christmas Retrospective

You know how people always ask, "What do you get someone who has everything?" I wouldn't know because I'm not someone who has everything, but I bet people frequently ask, "What do I get Joe, a Darryl Strawberry superfan?"

Nobody probably asks that, either, but from time to time my Darryl Strawberry fandom (my wife would argue that it's bordering on obsession) must enter peoples minds during the holiday season, and it certainly did in 2008. But before I show off the newest addition to my Strawberry memorabilia collection, let's take a quick trip through memory lane...

It started when I was real young, probably five or six, with Darryl Strawberry Starting Lineup figurines. They were small, plastic figures put out by Kenner which would probably still have value today had I not taken them out of the box and staged mini-sandlot baseball games with them. It was a sad day when Benito Santiago severely chipped his right shoulder, causing his arm to completely detach from his body after collisions at home plate. Ouch.

I know I still have my starting lineups somewhere, but I'm almost certain they're still at my parent's house. I'll be visiting them in a few months, so hopefully I'll dig them up then. I had a Mets "batting" stance and a Dodgers "fielding" stance Darryl. I don't think there were all that many different Starting Lineups produced, so if you have any clue what I'm talking about you know which ones I'm referring to.

A good 12 years later (approximately) I unwrapped this under the tree one Christmas:

A 1998 World Series ball, autographed by Darryl Strawberry. I was thrilled; it was one of the first autographed balls I ever actually owned (though I had gone to countless card shows up until then with my dad - which is a story for a whole different blog entry).

Right around that time, if not the same exact Christmas, I got this:

A Darryl Strawberry Yankees shirt from my wonderful Aunt Lorraine! I still have this and wear it on occasion. It's in reasonably good condition, considering it's almost 10 years old, but only because it's worn just on special occasions.

And then came Christmas of 2008. I unpacked a rectangular shaped box, and removed this:

But wait, there's more!


#298, an early production plate! I don't know what to say about this gift. First, thanks mom and dad; it is truly a priceless addition to my collection. I didn't even know the saucer existed. Second, I suppose I'm open to suggestions as to what I should do with it. Hang it? Find a display case? Dare I eat off it on special occasions, such as a birthday or baseball's opening day?

Something not very messy, obviously. Perhaps a hot dog.

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