Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You can grade those?

Every now and then I'll venture in to a 7-11 for a Big Gulp before a day of house hunting, or perhaps to grab a coffee on the way to work when I run out at home (try the Blueberry - very tasty!). And every time I pull out a Big Gulp cup, I think to myself, "Wouldn't it be great if they brought back those little motion discs that used to be on the bottom of Slurpee cups?" You know, these:

I'd definitely buy more Slurpees if they did.

I have a couple of these discs in my collection; not of Strawberry, but of other players. But never in a million years would I think to keep it safe for grading. I'm actually surprised I didn't try to pass them off as pogs during that early '90s craze.

I'm a bit surprised these could even be graded. They must compare everything they grade to other similar items, right? Do people submit these all the time? The back doesn't even look centered properly, at least not centered enough to be considered GEM MT 10. But I suppose the card grading industry is feeling the impact of our crumbling economy as much as anyone else is these days, so they'll probably grade anything you send them. Why not throw a guy a bone and grade his worthless crap as flawless?

This blast from the past can be yours on ebay for "just" $30. The description claims that it's one of two graded as GEM MT 10, but I've got a funny feeling that it was only of two submitted at all.

As for my money, I think I'll stash every last expendable dollar in a savings account for now.

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dayf said...

Oh yeah, that's not even close to centered. the crap that PSA will pull is mind boggling.