Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1986 Fleer #96

From the back of the card: Did you know? After missing 7 weeks and 49 games of '85 season, came back with 50-game stretch to hit .320, 15 HR, 45 RBI and scored 30 runs... Was 4th Met ever to hit 3 HR in one game, vs. Cubs in '85, and also had 7 RBI vs. Braves in July game... Led NL in homers in August with 9.

First off, I did not know all of that! Useless trivia, to be sure. Actually, I'm not even sure it qualifies as trivia - It's just a bunch of randomly pulled facts and stats.

The front of the card is a shot clearly taken at the Mets spring training facility, as you can see a practice field in the background. Darryl's forearms are bulging, which makes me wonder: When did steroids enter the game? Not saying he did or didn't use them, and I certainly don't feel like talking about the subject any more than this random thought, but I can't help but wonder. One thing about this picture is certain - Strawberry wasn't thrilled with having his photo taken. Usually he's all smiles on his cards, but not here. Must've been the end of practice on a hot Florida day.

I only have one of these cards, so I didn't scan the back, but it's fairly boring. It has the standard minor/major league stats, has a black border on the top and bottom, and is yellow in between. Not visually appealing.

Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, this is the only '86 Fleer Darryl Strawberry that I own.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Steroids in sports have been around at least since the 70s. Although they were much more prevalent in football until the 90s when designer steroids and HGH and other peds became popular in baseball. It doesn't phase me anymore. They have been, are and will be around as long as dealers find ways to get around the tests.

Joe said...

I agree - I simply don't care any more about steroids. Perhaps it was unreasonable of fans to expect that all these players are/were clean. How quickly we've forgotten that it's an entertainment business...