Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another gem from ebay

First days back at work after vacation are rough, and that's exactly where I find myself this Wednesday afternoon. So what have I decided to do to ease my way back? Searched ebay for Darryl Strawberry stuff, of course! Here's what I found:

Very nice: a worthless card officially graded as worthless! I'm guessing the seller of this card is banking on the relative popularity of 1989 Upper Deck, the inaugural release of this brand, to bring in a little bit of money. Unfortunately, this auction takes place in 2009, 20 years after this card's heyday. Nobody really cares much about this set, at least not nearly as much as even 10 years ago.

Now, had it been graded a perfect 10, maybe there'd be a little interest from Strawberry collectors. It'd be a cheap way to own a "perfect" card. But that "PSA NM 7"?

No thanks.

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