Tuesday, March 3, 2009

1986 Donruss #197

From the back of the card: Had 2 HR and 7 RBI in 1 game 7/20 last year vs. Braves... Missed 6 weeks of last season with torn thumb ligaments... NL Rookie of Year in '83... Led Mets in HR and RBI in '84, ranking 4th in NL in HR, 4th in RBI and 8th in slugging (.467)... MVP of Texas League in '82 when he hit 34 HR and had 97 RBI for Jackson.

Next up in my collection is the card from 1986 Donruss. It's a relatively sharp picture of Strawberry putting a ball in play. Compared to some players of today (Manny Ramirez comes to mind), Darryl's uniform is incredibly tight. Not "tight" as in "cool", tight as in it's a couple sizes too small. It's always amusing to me, too, that all of Strawberry's accessories - wrist bands, gloves, etc. - are team issued. No corporate branding, no NIKE swooshes, nothing. Just a Mets logo.

As for the card design itself, I'm not a fan. I don't like the dark blue/light blue stripes or the purple/yellow design around the player name. Maybe it seems worse because of Strawberry's blue jersey, but it all seems like a bit too much... blue. Even the card back is blue.

This is the first card of his, I think, that elaborates - albeit slightly - on Strawberry's contract. The back mentions that he's "...signed to a 5-year contract thru 1989 with opt for 1990."

This is the only '86 Donruss Strawberry I own.

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yanksfan said...

yea man, i've yet to see an early donruss series that i've liked. in regards to strawberry's uniform -- he always wore his uniform tight -- even in the late 90's when the yankees gave him his 2nd chance...