Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1987 Topps #601, All-Star

Today's a sad day for Darryl Strawberry Fields. I've had a lot of fun revisiting my Strawberry card collection, but today's entry marks the end of an era.

With the posting of 1987 Topps #601, Darryl's All-Star card, I've reached the end of my cards with a faux wood border - but this one is the best of the best.

The front:

Lots to like here. It's nice to see the player name in a different location, written at the top of the card in yellow font over a red background. I always considered the league logos in the upper left corner a "bonus". I mean, I have 700+ '87 Topps cards (and that's NOT counting duplicates, of which I have thousands) with standard team logos. But a National or American League logo?? That's pretty cool... even if only to a five year old.

I especially like the "All Star" in the bottom right corner in nice thick font over sweet red, white, and blue stars. A nice, all-American tribute to what was once the country's undisputed pastime.

On to the back:

Makes sense to have a list of league RBI leaders, especially since Darryl was one of them. Having Mike Schmidt's name on the card seems like it should automatically increase its value. Strawberry came in at a solid seventh place for RBIs in '86 - certainly not shabby. Some other stats that Strawberry nearly led the league in that year (1986): Slugging percentage (.507, 2nd); On-base plus slugging (.865, 4th); Home runs (27, T-5th); Hit by Pitch (6, T-6th); Sac flies (9, T-4th).

Of course, I should also mention that he was tied for second in strike outs with 141.

And with that, I'm done with my "wood bordered" cards, and I ended with my favorite of the bunch. Upon closer inspection, this card suspiciously appears to be air brushed (as was common on jerseys and hats back in the day), but I can't think of any legitimate reason why Topps would have to do it. Could just be the lousy print quality.

I own over 20 of these cards.

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