Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1987 Donruss #118

Time for the "serious" 1987 Donruss issue, and to demonstrate that this set was no "Opening Day" they went with one of Strawberry's more serious pictures featured so far.

No cheesy grin. No look of admiration at a ball blasted in to the bleachers. Straw is warming up, and he's not messing around.

I don't know how I've kept this card in such good condition through the years. Older black borders tend to show wear and tear more than any other border type. The black border is the only thing differentiating this card from it's Opening Day cousin. The baseball "stripes" are the same and it still has that hideous purple behind the player's name.

The back:

Hardly anything we haven't read before. We knew he was a number one pick and we knew he led the Mets at some point in homers. Not sure how Donruss thought Strawberry's torn thumb ligaments in in '85 were a career highlight, especially considering he was out for six weeks because of the injury, but at least it's a new piece of information.

Only one '87 main stream issue left... what could it be? Hint: it's Donruss's most important contribution to the industry. Well, maybe it'll bring the memories rushing back! Stay tuned.


Franklin said...

The 87 Donruss set was a love/hate thing with me. Darryl's card was decent, but the biggest problem was keeping them in "mint" condition. The black edges was a nightmare.

Also, getting a perfectly centered 87 Donruss card was almost impossible. I think it was easier for Indiana Jones to find the Holy Grail than it was for me to find a perfect 87 Donruss Strawberry.

I'm waiting with baited breath as to what Donruss' most important contribution could be.


Joe S. said...

Ha - I don't know that it's so much their "most important" so much as their most "well known."

I tend to get excited when talking about my baseball cards...