Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1987 Donruss Opening Day #128

Moving right along, 1987 Donruss Opening Day #128:

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't aware that Donruss Opening Day even existed until I looked up the exact set this particular card came from. It's a different color than the "regular" Donruss issue (which you'll see soon enough), so I automatically assumed it was from the Leaf set. Except there's no Leaf logo and no French writing on the back. A quick internet search revealed that Donruss released a 272 card set under the name "Opening Day" in 1987. So there ya go.

I really like the brick red border around the card; it's very clean. The baseball "stripes", if you will, look nice on the sides, just above the card's center. The crisp action shot depicts Strawberry taking off down the first base line just moments after putting the ball in play. You get a good closeup of his helmet, batting glove, jersey, dual undershirts (one orange, the other long sleeve blue), his belt, and even a little bit of striping on the pants. This card has it all!

Quick side note: The Mets blue and orange uniforms are sharp. The five striped sleeves are a bit much, but the colors go together nicely. The blue and orange caps have held up well through the years.

Speaking of holding up through the years, this card looks and feels exceptionally high quality given when it was released. The color hasn't faded at all, and the glossy coating is nowhere near as cheap feeling as the Topps All-Star sets featured earlier in this blog's life. In fact, the only thing I don't care for on the front of the card is the purple coloring behind Strawberry's name on the bottom. It doesn't fit with the rest of the card at all.

On to the back:

You sure that font is big enough, Donruss? Geez...

The typical biographical information is there at the top: name, birth date, etc. The career averages at the bottom are a little strange, as is the overall grammar on the card. Why are some stats plural (Games, Hits, Runs) while others are left singular (At Bat, Steal, Walk)? Makes no sense - the room is clearly there for an extra "S" or two. The blurb about Darryl's opening day heroics go from complete sentence form in the beginning to choppy and incomplete in the end. Sloppy.

And can Donruss use any smaller of a sample size to declare that Strawberry has answered ALL of his critics who doubted his determination? His first inning home run in the first game of the season silenced ALL of his doubters? That was easy.

It's unfortunate that Donruss didn't put half the effort in to the back of the card as it did on the front.

This is the only Donruss Opening Day card I own.


Franklin said...

I have one of these as well. It's a nice card, but I'm not a big fan of the 87 Donruss set.

I never noticed the plural/singular issue on the Career Stats. That's pretty funny.

Also, the run-on sentence describing Straw's Opening Day is classic. Although I don't think Donruss was saying that Straw answered his critics, so there's no sample size issue. I read it to mean that Straw's determination to answer his critics was demonstrated by the 1st inning homer.

Anyways, reading your blog inspired me to find my box of Straw cards. The box was in my basement, inside another box. I didn't get a chance to pull them out, because I didn't want my 3 year-old messing with them. They're too precious to me.

Not to brag or anything, but I have just about every Straw card up to 1990 or so. All sorts of ridiculous stuff (like the Nestle card and his minor league stuff). If I don't have it, then it's not worth having ;).

BTW, I love this blog. It brings back so many good memories. Keep 'em coming. Can't wait to see the Sportflics cards, if you have 'em.


Joe said...

I hope you're enjoying reading it as much as I'm enjoying posting each card! Thanks for reading.

The only problem I've run into is that I started from the beginning of my Strawberry card album and decided to post one card at a time through the end, so they'd be in chronological order. And then I found a box of Strawberry odd-ball issues. And then I found more cards in another box. And then more in another, and so on and so on. So at times the years will jump around, and soon I'm going to take a break from regular issues and post everything issued from Nestle, K-mart, etc...

Good times ahead!