Friday, May 15, 2009

Chat with Straw

Well, I didn't chat with him personally, but let users submit questions to Darryl on Friday morning. See the transcript here.

It wasn't for lack of effort - I submitted multiple compliments, but couldn't think of anything relevant or hard hitting enough to ask. ESPN has these chats almost daily, though they're usually only with their reporters and analysts. When they do give us a player, the only questions answered tend to be soft balls that we can easily predict the answers to.

Oh well - still a useful way to pass the remaining hours until the weekend.


Big D said...

Often they heavily vet these chats.A friend of mine reckons they sometimes submit their own questions. Shame one of your questions didn't get asked.

Joe Swaykos said...

I agree. There are an awful lot of "softballs" tossed around when players are involved. Not so much with fantasy guys or analysts, but definitely so when guys make cameo appearances!