Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Like what you've seen so far? Check out my new site!

I'm only at the beginning of my Strawberry collection, and I've had a blast sharing the memories I have of all of these cards. Judging by the comments and emails I've received along the way, I can tell that Strawberry was a wildly popular player in his heyday.

Given that I was so young when I began collecting his cards, it's been fun interacting with other fans of his.

While sorting through the boxes of cards I've got stashed and stacked all over my home I've come across literally thousands of other cards I've got stories and memories of. I thought briefly of sharing them here, but convinced myself that the blog should remain Strawberry exclusive.

But if you like what you've seen, please check out the other site I've started, "Priceless Pursuit" - it features everything else I've acquired over the past 20 plus years of collecting. The cards are priceless to me, worthless to most anyone else!

Check it out, tell your friends, bookmark it, and visit it regularly! And don't worry - Darryl Strawberry Fields will continue to be updated regularly as well.

Join me in my Priceless Pursuit.

1 comment:

Dave said...

I love the new site. It looks fantastic! Look forward to all of your posts there.