Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The site's not going anywhere, but I am. The wife and I just purchased our new home and have been absolutely slammed with packing, cleaning, painting, moving, and now unpacking. I've been a bit negligent when it comes to keeping this site updated, but rest assured that I'm aware of that and will be back to posting Darryl Strawberry cards with some semblance of regularity very soon!

I planned well enough with my other site, The Priceless Pursuit, and wrote lots of entries in advance, so visit it for more regular updates!


Moving guide said...

Hey, congrats and good luck with your moving. Hope you are well prepared for it. If I may, my advice is to think about the hidden costs of this, because as it seems, those might be pretty high.

Best regards, Jay.

--David said...

Wahoo! Way to go! Congrats!

I have no idea what "Jay" is talking about.