Friday, October 23, 2009

1988 Donruss All-Star #34

Sticking with 1988 Donruss/Leaf is a card from what appears to be a separate "All-Star" set. Hmmm...

You'd think I'd know a little more about my Darryl Strawberry cards, but the truth is that I obtained so many of these when I was younger that I just can't recall where they came from. I thought this particular card was a part of the regular '88 Donruss set when I first came across it, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

OK, so the front appears to be normal ol' Donruss card, but the back has a different shape around the number: a star instead of a baseball.

Nothing else is unusual about the card. You've got the typical paragraph explaining the early start to what coulda-shoulda been the best career ever, and as usual the card maker makes an awkward attempt to keep the sentences as concise as possible, grammar and punctuation be damned. I say awkward because they never shorten things as much as possible, even if their oversight would've been a better way of wording things. Take the very last line, for example: "...leading all first-year NL players in HR...". They could've simply said "all NL rookies." Boom! 10 characters, gone.

The "1987 Oakland All-Star Game" logo on the bottom right of the card is what makes me think this may have been a limited release set.

Of course, limited by 1988 standards means a hundred thousand sets.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1988 Leaf #220

Quick and easy post today of Strawberry's 1988 Leaf card. No sense in going much in to detail since the card is largely unchanged from the American version, save for the French translations on the back and the "LEAF" logo on the front:

I did stumble in to one curious omission on the back. See where there's just one sentence in English, at the bottom? Well, there are two French sentences!!

Literally translated (at, it says, "one among 8 players of the baseball has to do to mark and has to mark more than 100 points the last annee".

Errrrr... what? A little help from any French speakers out there, please!

And also, it's "runs", not "points." A translation error, I'm sure. Looking at the actual stats on the card, the only two significant numbers in the hundreds are Strawberry's RBI (104) and Runs (108) totals from the 1987 season, so I'm going out on a limb and guessing it has something to do with those two categories. I wonder why the French speakers got this added bit of info???

Who knows.