Friday, October 23, 2009

1988 Donruss All-Star #34

Sticking with 1988 Donruss/Leaf is a card from what appears to be a separate "All-Star" set. Hmmm...

You'd think I'd know a little more about my Darryl Strawberry cards, but the truth is that I obtained so many of these when I was younger that I just can't recall where they came from. I thought this particular card was a part of the regular '88 Donruss set when I first came across it, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

OK, so the front appears to be normal ol' Donruss card, but the back has a different shape around the number: a star instead of a baseball.

Nothing else is unusual about the card. You've got the typical paragraph explaining the early start to what coulda-shoulda been the best career ever, and as usual the card maker makes an awkward attempt to keep the sentences as concise as possible, grammar and punctuation be damned. I say awkward because they never shorten things as much as possible, even if their oversight would've been a better way of wording things. Take the very last line, for example: "...leading all first-year NL players in HR...". They could've simply said "all NL rookies." Boom! 10 characters, gone.

The "1987 Oakland All-Star Game" logo on the bottom right of the card is what makes me think this may have been a limited release set.

Of course, limited by 1988 standards means a hundred thousand sets.

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Anonymous said...

These were sold separately from the regular Donruss set. They came in a pack with maybe five of these cards and one of the All-Star popups.

It was a fun little side product. I think 1988 was the first year that the Donruss All-Star cards and popups were both normal card-sized. (Earlier All-Star cards were postcard-sized.)