Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Duo-tang-ks a lot!

OK, if you found your way here from the link I posted at The Priceless Pursuit, you can see that I'm double dipping on the posts today. Perhaps the two sites have different readers, and I'd hate for a gift like the one I recently received to go unrecognized.

Duo-tang-ks... thanks... get it? No?? I think it's fairly creative, and I'm nothing if not a sucker for horrible plays on words, so I'm gonna force this one down your throat. You may be wondering why I'm showing you a 1989 Topps card of Darryl Strawberry. Couple reasons: Darryl is my absolute favorite player (obviously) and also because Dave at Tribe Cards sent me a different "version" of this card, except much better.

Stay with me.

I want to give a big "duo-tang-ks" (now it's growing on you, right?!) to Dave, the king of crazy giveaways and easily one of the most generous bloggers out there. Check out his site and make it part of your regular reading if you're unfamiliar with it. Introduce yourself to him and sign up for a giveaway or two - you won't regret it!

If you're not in the know, you're no doubt wondering, "Why does he keep saying 'duo-tang-ks'?" (one more shot... is it funny yet?) Well, 20 years ago or so, a company by the name of Duo-Tang released a series of pocket folders that were actually blown-up versions of Topps cards, accurately depicting both the front and backs. Dave actually sent me two of them:

I have no idea how these were distributed, but I can only assume it was a regional deal. Pocket folders were always on my school supply list, and my mom always let me pick out my own folders, but I never had any Darryls. I distinctly remember an Eddie Murray from his days with the Orioles, and at the time our family was living in northern Virginia. I don't know why I'd pick out an Orioles folder for a reason other than this.

Thanks again, Dave! The wife and I are in the final stages of the home buying process, so we now have a safe place to keep all of our documents. After that's over with (IF it's ever over with - it sometimes feels like a never ending process), little Joseph III will some day have the coolest pocket folders in his class.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

1988 Fleer #151

I swear, the older I get the faster time seems to slip away.

My wife and I have had a lot going on in our lives lately, most importantly learning that our first child is going to be a boy - and no doubt a Darryl Strawberry fan, too! He'll be our first, so we're excited. I'm currently tricking myself in to thinking that I'll have lots of late nights to write about baseball cards while baby Joseph (the 3rd!) sleeps, though I've got a funny feeling that won't happen.

I'll still write, of course, but I'm told that we'll sleep when the baby sleeps. Which means I can write about baseball cards in the 20 hours a day he'll be awake. Yippee!

But enough about me - let's (finally) get back to the Darryl Strawberry cards. Next up is 1988 Fleer, #151.

It's an all too familiar pose of Strawberry crushing a fastball, this particular shot apparently taken in Wrigley Field. All of Darryl's accessories are the same, except this time he's wearing a gray undershirt. Must've been laundry day - to this point, he's usually rocking a blue or orange shirt underneath his jersey.

Unlike other Fleer issues a couple years before and after this card, I like the design of this card; I think we've all got a soft spot for white cards (Allen & Ginter, anyone??).

I enjoy the back, too:

I could do without the excessive empty space between the stats and the bottom of the cards, and I've never understood the uneven colored columns. But I've never paid attention to the very bottom, where Fleer breaks down Strawberry's day, night, home, and road statistics. How progressive! Strawberry seems to have been best in home night games.

He must not have been a morning person.